Elements of Scale Challenge - Due January 2019 Meeting

Create a Modern Quilt with an emphasis on the scale.
The challenge will be further explained in the program of the June meeting with a slide show illustrating the various aspects of scale.

Scale- can be expressed in the varied size of the objects in the design or the scale of the fabric (ex.large dots compared to small dots). Or you can play with perspective and proportion.
Size- The perimeter should be no greater than 144 inches, that is, the sum of the length of all four sides should not exceed 144". It is your choice as to the dimensions.
Added challenge- (not required) try fitting your design into a golden ratio 8x13, 13x21, 21x34, etc.  Recognize the Fibonacci sequence?

The Elements of Scale challenge asks us to develop our design utilizing the element of scale. Here are some references to scale for you to explore.

Scale  "The size of a shape in relationship to the other shapes in a composition is scale. A variety of sizes will make a design more interesting.  Larger shapes will feel closer, and smaller shapes will feel further away.  An area in the quilt with smaller detailed shapes can create a center of interest, inviting the viewer to come closer and take a look.  Scale can also refer to the character of shapes and lines in fabric."

Scale "Scale is developed by using a variety of sizes of objects.  Monotony occurs when everything is the same size,  For example, areas that are small and busy should be balanced with larger, calmer areas that the give the eye a place to rest." 

Scale and Proportion   "Scale can also refer to internal proportions, the size of elements within the work itself.  The larger the scale of any one element within an artwork the greater its emphasis.......Magnifying something that is usually quite small can capture your attention through sheer surprise........An unnatural contrast of scale in your quilts can also be used to achieve interesting effects.......One element that is purposefully out of scale with other elements within -the quilt will attract the viewer's attention and become a focal point

Proportion and the golden ratio 

Photo Inspiration Challenge - Due April 2019

Photo Inspiration for April 2019 Challenge
Photo- Use the above photo to interpret some aspect of the picture and design a modern quilt. You can look for lines, curves, shapes, colors, specific objects or impressions or even a literal representation. Just make it modern. The photo says; Florida, palms, beach, quilts, fresh and modern, and brings to mind the "Airing" which itself is inspiring.
Size- 18" wide x 24" high only
The limitation of the same size will make a striking display with the quilts hung together along with the photograph of same size for a cohesive gallery.

Past Challenges-

Fat Quarter Challenge  -  Due October 2018 meeting


Theme- Use the fat quarter in your quilt adding as many other fabrics as you would like but make sure the challenge fabric is identifiable on the front of your quilt.
Keep it Modern
Size- the perimeter should be no greater than 144 inches, that is the sum of the length of all four sides should not exceed 144". This allows for a somewhat larger quillt, say 24" x 36" but still encourages smalller sizes such as the under 24" per side of last year's challenges. Your choice.

Pallette- The selected fabric is from the RJR Urban Garden line by Leslie Tucker Jenison. It is called Garden Story-Morning Walk 3357-001. We purchased ours from Deb's Quilt Basket.  She has lots of gorgeous coordinates. This is a current fabric and should be available where ever you shop. See it online at   RJR Urban-Garden

RJR Urban-Garden

Challenge Quilt Photo's-
(more to be added later)

Fabric Kit Challenge - Due July 2018 meeting or anytime after...
Update from July meeting for the Fabric Kit Challenge -
Jamie Lynch delightful Christmas table runner
 Carole Lyles Shaw - a Christmas quilt
 Carol Byrnes ...Fish and Lighthouse Waves
 Eve Rabbiner - Picturesque Palm
Susan Toy - a definite mix of fabric 
For more see the July meeting photo's on MyGrove

Fabric kits were chosen at the March and April meetings and at the Retreat - sight unseen!

Cut a small sample of each fabric in the kit and attach it to the file card provided.
The quilt must contain a piece of each fabric.
Add as many other fabrics as you want.
Size The quilt maybe any size from mini to large - your choice.
The challenge is to make a modern design with non-modern fabrics. Every kit is different but most contain traditional fabrics.

 Pat and crew organized packets of donated fabrics.

Some kept their first draw, others exchanged for a second draw. 
(Is that really bra fabric?) Come to the July meeting for the full reveal.